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Brand on a laptopYou have just made a Facebook page for your business and you are ready to reach out to your audience. The problem is you don't have the faintest idea how. Today we are going to give you some great strategies and ideas to get your creative juices flowing, to start thinking about what it is your fans really want to see.

 The first step is to think about consistency. Does your Facebook page adequately reflect the theme and message of your brand? In simpler terms, consider that the images of your Facebook business page should have colours that match your brand or images that are relevant. Your page description should talk to your audience's emotions; what does your business stand for and why does it provide this good/service to the public rather than describing your good/service itself.

Once you are satisfied that your Facebook is a great depiction of your brand it is time to move onto content. Having just built your page, there is really no way to know for certain what your audience will find engaging and what will attract more interest. Try speaking to your pre-existing network of customers or contacts. Ask them to like your page, what they would like to see shared or what they like about your business. After taking this into consideration you should have a look at the social media profiles of your competitors that have been in the social space longer. See what they are posting and try to analyze what is working well for them and why. Is the content that is getting the most likes and shares being posted at a specific time? Do the highest quality images share a specific theme? After taking a quick look at a couple of your competitors and jotting down some observations it is time for you to jump in the deep end and do some testing of your own by creating some content.

The first thing to consider when beginning making your content is to keep it personable. Most Facebook users don't want to interact and engage with faceless businesses, you need to develop a human persona. The simplest way to think about this is use language on your page that you would use with a distant group of friends, for example; 'we think that this cat picture is amazing, have any great pictures to share with us?' There are two great ideas in that example which might work great for your page. Firstly, you don't need to create solely original content, in fact, sharing content can be one of the best ways to get engagement with your fans. You can share content that you find interesting and has been proven effective by the likes and shares of the original post. Secondly, in the example post we offer a question to our audience. We are reaching out for a response rather than just posting something without expecting any comments.

These were just a couple of quick ideas to get you started, once you begin posting content you will find it to be an amazingly quick and interesting job and one that may offer up insight into what your potential customers do and don't like to see which can ultimately turn into ideas for what you can bring to your business itself!
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