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Young man in sharp blue shirt at desk with lap top, looking at cameraHow do customers find your website?  

Many businesses make careful and deliberate efforts to get potential buyers to their website. They can include online ads, social campaigns, search engine optimisation, or writing interesting feature content.  Other businesses don't. Their traffic is a byproduct of their other activities – things like word of mouth from happy customers, offline marketing, or good old fashioned networking.

However you're managing it – and whether you get a little traffic or a lot – nobody shows up by sheer accident.  

Are you making the most of your opportunity to attract customers?  That hinges on your copy; 'copy' is just business jargon for the words on your website or other marketing materials. Great website copy is the difference between getting the clicks and getting the sales.  

There are two kinds of business owner who need to understand what makes great website copy.  

The first is the business owner who will be writing the words for their website themselves. Whether that's because you don't have the budget for a copywriter, or because you'd just rather have control of it.  

The second is the business owner who intends to pay someone else to write for them.  

Because if you don't know what you should look for in a copywriter, it's going to be that much harder to find it.  And from a copywriter's point of view: my favourite clients to work with are the ones who could do a half-decent job on their own. They come to me not because they can't manage it, but because they have other things to deal with, and because they know it's worth it to get their words just that little bit better.  

How Do You Learn About Website Copywriting Then?  

It's a big topic. Where do you start?  

Start here: I've just published a comprehensive guide the best resources out there to write a great website.  

It covers things like:  

Copywriting Fundamentals: Learn the basics of how to form sentences and phrases that hold your customer's attention and lead them to take action.  

Writing For the Web: A lot of the basic principles in copywriting are the same across any medium. There are also a few things particular to the web.  

SEO Copywriting: Interested in being seen when people search for what you sell? Writing web copy that can rank on the search engines is both an art and a science.  

Headlines and Calls to Action: Headlines are crucial. If nobody reads beyond your headline, then what good is the rest of your copy? Calls to action are also crucial – because if you don't get your potential buyer to take the desired action, then what was the point? Wanna know how to make these things work? Let's jump right in.  

Principles of Persuasion and Perceived Value: Ever been curious about the nuts and bolts of how you persuade? Ever wondered what makes certain products really desirable? It's all in there.  

And this is just a selection of what's on offer.   It's totally free, and there no ads, no email signups and no funny business. Click here to check it out.

ACCAN wishes to thank James Mawson from Handsome Genius for supplying this article.