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We all know the Facebook landscape changed tremendously last year, negatively affecting Organic Reach for business pages. We saw many marketers talking about being creative with Facebook content and making connections with followers, but many small business owners are still confused as to what this means to them. What should they post to their pages?

No wonder almost 50% of pages that we followed on Facebook via our personal account and business are missing from our news feed. When we checked these silent business pages manually, we realised that they have not posted content since December 2014, or have posted only once or twice per week.

Our experiments outlined in this blog check how Organic Reach on Facebook gets affected with changes to New Likes, Comments, Shares, Post Likes, Post Clicks or combination of these elements during a six week experiment on our Facebook page in January and February 2015

Note: We should point out up front that this is our personal experimentation - results for others might be different based on individual Facebook page followers, reach, influencers and best timings for post engagements

In January 2015 we started with the following stats for our page (see graphic):

Image of Facebook page showing stats before the experiment

For this experiment we concentrated on positively increasing one element of our page at a time and measuring its impact

Note: all our efforts were performed organically - i.e. without spending a penny on FB ads or any offline marketing

1) Gaining New Followers: In the first week of January we concentrated on gaining new likes for our page. We did the following activities

a. Took Part in Link Ladders – 3 a week

b. Promoted our page on different social media platforms

c. Invited Friends to like our Page

e. Received organic likes through our blog and information sharing posts

f. Received shout outs from 2-3 of our artists and art lovers

Our Followers increased dramatically, but this had minor impact on our organic reach - in fact people engagement rate dropped. Needless to say link ladder followers reduced by up to 10% over time.

Learning Outcome
Engaged followers are important than new followers on Facebook

2) Sharing Content on Facebook Page: Testing for effects of Type of Posts, Engagement activities (likes, shares, comments, clicks):

We shared 3-4 posts per day during weekdays and 2 posts on weekends - each at the best engagement times for our page:

a. Inspirational and Funny Memes – Substantial organic reach Increase if posted at right times of the day

b. Educational Articles – Number of Clicks increased when article was relevant for our audience, which resulted in 50% boost to our organic reach

c. Viral Video Clips – Sharing Occasional yet relevant video clip - which was viral on Facebook - already increased our reach by 80% 

e. Artist Photo Albums – Sharing our Artist photo album also increased our organic reach by 20%

f. Questions – Our followers did not engage with this type of content. Dry status updates were cold turkey for us.

g. Free Offers – Free Offers by other businesses received High Clicks which increased our organic reach by 50%

h. Promotional Post about our Artists / Services - We received good comments and re-shares for these posts, which resulted in 20% increase to our organic reach as evidenced in

Facebook insights below show substantial improvement:

Facebook insights page showing improved results after experimentLearning Outcomes:

       Share Content which engages your followers to click, read and share.

       Post Likes and Comments are relatively less impacting on your organic reach

Would love to have followers with organic reach???

You need to increase your Facebook followers and share best engaging content with them at least twice a day at right times to win organic reach 










ACCAN wishes to thank The Art and Craft Gallery for these powerful insights and for allowing us to share them in this very useful blog.

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