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video graphical conceptWell, whether you do or you don’t like video, or think it is useful, or not for business – it just is.

With the advent of broadband services, streaming and downloading video is now available to a majority of internet users.

Time was when even a short video took ages to load, but this is definitely not the case these days. YouTube is of course the pre-eminent platform for video; the statistics for uploaded video are staggering: 1 Billion users, 6 Billion hours of video watched per month, 300 hours per minute of video uploaded to YouTube.

Google has 3.5 billion searches per day. Let that sink in a second and tell me video is not important. YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine next to Google, it is owned by Google and videos that are uploaded to Google tend to show up in Google search for context searches.  

Now, imagine a video produced with your business details, address, website, email and a brief explanation of what you do and imagine this uploaded to YouTube and optimized to show up high in Google. Is this going to be useful to your business?  

How much does a 30 second commercial cost to display on prime time T.V? Do you think that, with the statistics above for Google, a decent video in a search would be kind of impressive for a searcher who is consciously looking for your business area?  

The answer to the 1st question: For a National T.V 30 second commercial it costs $342,000 and local ones start at $7000 (after you have paid to get the commercial produced - up to $2,000 and beyond). And of course you pay each time it is aired.  

Conversely, for an internet video promotional - say sketch style with some mixed media and narration - you can pay anything from $20 on a site like, up to several thousand on Sparkol. In the middle of that range you can get a promotional video package - which includes ensuring the video appears in Google for location/keywords - at an introductory offer of $250. This is especially good value when you consider that the internet video is targeted to a specific audience and the TV commercial is on a broad audience medium which is being watched less each day. Also keep in mind that T.V commercials are often fast forwarded as people increasingly watch shows on replay and skip the ads or sign up to streaming services such as Netflix & Stan which are Ad-free.  

So a well produced promotional video is powerful online because it appears to people who are in fact specifically looking for you - the video is seen as being helpful rather than an intrusion or irritation. Today’s ‘digital consumer’ is less tolerant of traditional advertising, and your promotional video can be targeted to your market for a lot less than a T.V or radio commercial. It is definitely worth looking into.  




Digital Ready would like to thank guest blogger, Michael Gorman from Web Star Services for these insights into the power of video for business marketing.