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icon with laptop and wifi symbolsGetting Connected

Learn to set up an internet connection, the technology and equipment needed and how to pick an internet provider.

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icon with gear and mobile phoneOnline Strategy

You're online. It's now time to develop a strategy to achieve your goals and manage risk in the online space.

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icon with speech bubblesSocial Media

An introduction to social media. Learn how to harness the power of social media to grow your business.

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icon with cloud and download symbolsUsing The Cloud

Get a better understanding of 'the cloud'; it's benefits, security, privacy and how to pick between providers.

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icon with shopping basketeCommerce

Learn how to capture customer details, create online sales, membership registrations and more.

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icon with home symbolWorking Remotely

Take advantage of new technology to create flexible, mobile working environments for you and your staff.

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hsc hub logoHSC Hub

"The digital space has been transformative for our business. A digital platform allowed us to remove any barriers to reaching our customers allowing us to go from reaching dozens of students to tens of thousands. The digital space is also crucial for marketing. It’s about thinking of where users are and reaching them effectively, digital marketing allows us to do that (especially reaching teenagers through social media)."

-  Danielle Barakat, HSC Hub