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Digital Ready 

for the Arts, Recreation and Education Services sector

An exciting new training opportunity!

To help get you broadband-ready ACCAN is partnering with the Australian Government to provide an exciting new training opportunity for the Arts, Recreation and Education Services sector.

Having an online presence and using the internet to improve internal processes can bring many benefits, but too often organisations have not been able to make the most of broadband. With the rollout of the National Broadband Network, it is more important than ever for small-to-medium enterprises and not-for-profit organisations to have the skills to reap these benefits. To assist with this, we are developing online learning tools through our Digital Business Kits project.

What are the costs?

This training is FREE to participants. There are no charges from ACCAN for your organisation to participate and you do not need to register.

What do you get?

The kits will contain tailored, sector-specific 'how-to' guides on the use of digital and on-line systems to improve your business and operations.

You can start your Digital Ready training now with our newly developed online Telework kit.  ACCAN will be developing a further 5 kits by July 2014, so stay tuned to increase your organisations knowledge of how to take advantage of a broadband enabled world.

Please note that following the link below will change the ACCAN site navigation to Digital Ready training dedicated navigation.  To return to the ACCAN homepage you need only follow the link on the main menu.

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